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‘Psychological gentrification’ is muddling the American mind

‘Psychological gentrification’ is muddling the American mind

Drew Barrymore’s cringey plea for Kamala Harris to be “Momala” of the country was yet another reminder that many actors, comedians, and media personalities are progressive shills. But the reaction to her request from Essence magazine — a firm declaration that “BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT YOUR MAMMIES” — was a reminder that many black institutions and influencers have invited white people, including washed-up actresses, to take up permanent residence in their minds.

It is important to understand this phenomenon of “psychological gentrification” because the most valuable property that any person controls is his or her own mind. What a person fills it with will impact one’s values, beliefs, words, and actions.

A lack of clear thinking and moral reasoning are the natural byproducts of a gentrified mind.

The hallmarks of urban gentrification include new restaurants, coffee shops, dog parks, and bike lanes. Gentrification is a complicated topic because even the people who resist the changes to their neighborhood appreciate the increase in their property value as well as the new amenities that accompany an influx of affluent residents.

Psychological gentrification offers no such perks. All it does is…

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