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Nikki Haley’s biggest blunders

Nikki Haley’s biggest blunders

Although Nikki Haley is an articulate, highly presentable political performer, she also seems clueless about what drives most Republican voters in 2024. This is equally true of her donors, including Reid Hoffman, the usually reliable Democratic sugar daddy who this year took a chance on the former South Carolina governor. All of them want a return to “normalcy,” as they define the term, which means a more stable version of what we now have, without quite so much turmoil on the southern border and, of course, with a rising stock market.

Haley’s persistent complaint about Donald Trump is that he’ll bring “chaos,” which Nikki and her donors certainly do not want. She is also concerned that Trump “tried to buddy up to dictators,” whereas Haley wants to fight these distant baddies and shower their liberated subjects with state-of-the-art “human rights.”

Nikki Haley and the Never-Trumpers who have rallied to her have no message to match what Trump offers.

Unfortunately, most Republican voters don’t want these goodies. In fact, they have no problem with “chaos” if that means draining the swamp, going after the “fake media,” and making Trump’s enemies pay for weaponizing the government…

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