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Nabha Natesh Swayambhu

Nabha Natesh Swayambhu

Nabha Natesh likes to wait for the right script. And it looks like she has finally got what she was looking for.

The buzz is that the actress has been approached for an important role in the Nikhil Siddhartha-starrer, Swayambhu. Bharathi Krishnamachari, who writes and directs the film, approached the actress, impressed by her dance routines and classic performances in earlier films. And she instantly gave her nod, as she had been looking for an opportunity to be part of a costume drama.

“The fact that the story transports the audience to a different ancient era excited her,” says a source.

“Nabha will soon start prepping up for her part, and will undergo a makeover. Her looks and hairstyle will be transformed dramatically,” the source adds.

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