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Healing Divides through Volunteerism and Services

Healing Divides through Volunteerism and Services

This week Utah Governor Spencer Cox and Maryland Governor Wes Moore published an op/ed in the Deseret News on volunteering and service as the keys to healing divides in America, noting:

“By working together, we improve our communities. When you’re serving side by side, you build bonds with people who are different from you who you likely wouldn’t have otherwise met. Service is sticky. You develop a deeper understanding of others. And, together, you create a community where everyone can thrive. Giving back also gives a lot in return: People who serve have the chance to develop new skills, pursue new opportunities and jump-start their careers. In many cases, service can help bridge the gap between education and employment.”

Because these are Governors, this is not just talk. The Governors outlined actions they are taking in their states to promote service:

“In Utah, the No. 1 state for volunteering in the nation, we want to ensure service remains a core part of who we are. We’ve developed a statewide year of service for young adults. We’re requiring service hours for businesses that receive economic incentives. And we’re working with our faith-based communities to drive increased…

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