Home Entertainment Dhanush learns acting from Illayaraja songs

Dhanush learns acting from Illayaraja songs

Dhanush learns acting from Illayaraja songs

The national award winning actor Dhanush who proved his acting talent in movies like ‘Asuran’ and “Karnan’, claims that he used to listen to maestro Illayaraja songs from his childhood. “I grew up listening to his mellifluous and enchanting numbers,” he says and adds, “During certain shooting days, when I am bit confused about performing in a particular way, I selectively listen to his songs which suit the mood of the scene and then learn to enact those scenes in perfect way as his songs capture varied human emotions,” he said.

He claimed that his dream has come true as he got an opportunity to reprise the role of legendary musician on screen and added, “I sang one song under the baton of Illayaraja in a recent film ‘Vidhuthalai’ and I asked him will you be with me. He said, “I am also with you, I do agree,” he informs. He is also dreaming to do the biopic of Tamil superstar Rajinkanth and he said, “One of my dreams is fulfilled, I don’t when the other one would materialize.”

The actor became popular among Telugu audience after hits like ‘Raghuvaran B Tech’ and ‘Mass’ gained collections from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. However, his latest release ‘Captain Miller’ turned out to be a damp squib.

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