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Alpha Male Magnet: Turns Out Women Love Rogan, Too

Alpha Male Magnet: Turns Out Women Love Rogan, Too

Spotify superstar Joe Rogan is a man’s man in the classic sense of the phrase.

The comedian loves hunting, eating red meat, and combat sports. He’s been part of the UFC revolution for more than 20 years, providing color commentary for some of the sport’s biggest matches.

He looks as wide as he is tall, and it’s all muscle, not fat. So why does he attract so many female listeners?

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A 2023 YouGov poll found that Rogan’s podcast fan base leans younger and male.

No surprise there given the show’s content, Rogan’s personal interests, and the crush of male guests. He also curses like the proverbial sailor sans apology.

Yet Variety’s announcement of Rogan’s Spotify contract extension included this nugget:

Per Edison Research’s Q3 2023 survey of most listened-to podcasts, “The Joe Rogan Experience” ranked No. 1 for the period. In addition, “JRE” was the No. 2 most listened-to podcast for women 13 and older in the U.S., according to Edison.

Number two. And it’s not for lack of female-centric podcasts or alternatives across the pop culture landscape. And that includes true crime podcasts, audio catnip for many women.

Turns out women love Rogan, too. But why?

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