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Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says Mars Retrograde Is Ending & Your Sex Life Is Heating Back Up


The way we want to love and be loved can perfectly align with the way we express our desires this week. Your love horoscope for the week of January 9 to 15 says Venus will be at a perfect trine to Mars on Monday, encouraging us to connect the dots of our love lives in a way that should ultimately get us what we want.

On Thursday, Mars retrograde will finally station direct at 8 degrees Gemini. During this time, we may begin to realize that as we try to meet our own desires, we can become prisoners of our own minds at the same time. Now that Mars—planet of power and drive—is back on our side, we’re not only beginning to understand there is a better way, but we’re genuinely ready to take actionable steps to get there. It will also make it easier to connect with our passion and feel energized by our libidos. If you’ve been feeling bored in the bedroom, get ready to reconnect with your mojo, because there’s a good change things will start getting spicier soon.

That said, we should get ready for a romantic plot twist as Venus—planet of love and luxury—squares off with erratic and unpredictable Uranus on Saturday. Some of us are craving more excitement and are willing to shake things up in matters of the heart to…

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