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Woman hits two sheriff's deputies with car in attempt to flee. It turns out that the suspect has a criminal history of violence against law enforcement.


A Florida woman with a criminal history of violence against law enforcement hit two sheriff’s deputies with a car Saturday near Lakeland as the deputies opened fire in self-defense.

What are the details?

Deputies from the Polk County sheriff’s office responded to a suspicious person call from Max Pay Pawn Shop in the 600 block of North Combee Road in unincorporated Lakeland just before 1 p.m., authorities said.

The suspect — identified as 27-year old Carina Holder of Davenport — was attempting to use a stolen credit card, authorities said.

When the deputies arrived a few minutes later and tried to speak to Holder, she got into a BMW X5 and attempted to flee the scene, authorities said.

In fact, Holder drove directly at the deputies, hitting two of them, authorities said. In fear for their lives and others’ lives, deputies opened fire in an attempt to stop the car, authorities said, adding that Holder continued to flee from the scene but was caught and arrested about two miles away.

Neither Deputy Sheriff Melissa Myers nor Deputy Sheriff Hannah Peche were seriously hurt after getting hit, authorities said, adding that the suspect was not injured. Myers and fellow Deputy Sheriff Joshua Chaves opened fire, authorities…

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