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Woman explains why ‘abortion is an act of love’ compared to adoption by white evangelicals – twitchy.com


OK, yadda yadda yadda, we don’t normally cover Twitter randos unless their takes are just so hot that they need to be examined. We take you back to September 2020, when liberals were beginning to question Amy Coney Barrett’s adoption of two Haitian children during her confirmation hearings. A month later, the New York Times decided to do a “deep dive” into Barrett’s adoptions, writing that “Detractors have criticized as ‘white saviorism’ the judge’s public accounts of her children’s dire situations before they left Haiti.” Among those detractors was Mr. Anti-Racist himself, Ibram X. Kendi:

“Whether this is Barrett is not the point,” he said, only bringing it up in the context of Barrett’s confirmation hearings.

We’ve heard a lot about abortion today thanks to the House Judiciary Committee, but we didn’t hear that “abortion is an act of love.” Why didn’t they put this woman on the stand? (We feel safe calling her a woman since her pronouns are she/they.)

Oops, she went private while we were writing this post, so here’s a screenshot. Sorry it’s so tiny, but we wanted to prove it was real.

Jo Luehmann tweets:

I would rather get an abortion than have a Brown child who ends up being adopted by white evangelicals.

It is not a kindness to children of the global majority to give them to people who’ll traumatize them with self and ancestral hatred.

An abortion is an act of love.


We heard some seriously horrific takes today, but this is just off the charts.

* * *


Here’s a screenshot of her Twitter bio … 28,000 followers.


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