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With Close to 100% Vax Rates in Some Places, Who’ll be Blamed for COVID Spread? Maybe Trump


With Close to 100% Vax Rates in Some Places, Who’ll be Blamed for COVID Spread? Maybe Trump

With Close to 100% Vax Rates in Some Places, Who’ll be Blamed for COVID Spread? Maybe Trump
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It has been mentioned that one reason the establishment may want everyone “vaccinated” is to eliminate a “control group” whose better COVID-19 outcomes would refute the vaccination narrative. But with close to 100-percent vax rates in certain places, officials have a different problem:

Whom do you blame for coronavirus spikes once everyone has been jabbed?

After all, “Scapegoats are a necessity for tyrants because somebody has to take the blame for their failures,” commentator Thomas Lifson astutely notes. (This partially explains the demonization of white people, but they can’t easily be blamed for SARS-CoV-2 spread because their vax rates are higher than those of blacks and Hispanics, at least in the United States.)

So far, the “unvaccinated” — I use this term reservedly, as the shots really are genetic-therapy agents, GTAs — have taken it on the chin. For example, Joe Biden, obediently repeating his handlers’ instructions, echoed the establishment line at a CNN town hall last week in saying the unvaxxed were killing the vaxxed.

Then there was New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern happily admitting recently that she has turned the un-jabbed into second-class citizens (13-second video below).

But such scapegoats no longer exist once everyone has been jabbed, as is the case in parts of the Republic of Ireland. “As reported in the Irish Times, the nation’s establishment newspaper, two of the three most COVID-infected electoral areas in Ireland are located in the county ‘with the highest rate of vaccination in the country,’” reports The American Spectator. “In [County] Waterford, a remarkable 99.7 percent of adults over the age of 18 is fully vaccinated. 

Irish officials could blame 10-year-olds, of course, except that demonizing kiddies is too bad a look even for leftists. Instead, they’ll likely just give youngsters the GTAs also, once the shots are “approved” for children.

Whatever the case, things really are not going according to plan on the Emerald Isle. As the Spectator further informs:

According to data published on October 21, Waterford City South has the nation’s highest 14-day incidence rate at 1,486 cases per 100,000 and Tramore-Waterford City West has the third highest at 1,122 cases per 100,000. This is despite internal travel bans and the county’s more than 90 percent vaccination rate.

Although Waterford is running three times the rate of the nation writ large, Ireland as a whole is not faring particularly well, especially given its draconian restrictions. In the seven days preceding October 21, Ireland reported 2,026 new cases. To put that number in perspective, wide-open Florida had 2,262 cases during that same period with a population more than four times greater than the Irish Republic’s.

Note, too, that Florida’s population density is more than 2 1/2 times greater than Ireland’s. (On the other hand, redounding to Florida’s benefit is that it does enjoy a warmer climate and far more sunshine.)

Regardless, just as studies have shown that lockdowns, mask mandates, and other onerous China virus restrictions don’t reduce viral transmission yet do lead to greater death from other causes, it has become clear that the GTAs not only don’t eliminate COVID but may actually exacerbate the problem. Virologist and Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier, for example, has unabashedly stated that the mass administration of the GTAs “is creating the [coronavirus] variants.”

Warning likewise is Dr. Peter McCullough, renowned China virus expert and vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Texas. In a recent interview, the physician likened the vaccination obsession with the administration of insufficient doses of antibiotics to a mass population. Just as the latter would induce antibiotic-resistant bacteria’s development, McCullough worries that the lacking GTAs will spur the development of troubling SARS-CoV-2 mutations. He said that we’re heading for real tragedy if we don’t cease the foolhardy mass vaccination program (video below).

Regardless and again, since it’s clear the GTAs won’t eliminate the China virus — as the Faucian establishment once promised — whom will it blame for the failure? The aforementioned Thomas Lifson has an idea: President Donald Trump.

This “will require a 180-degree switch away from vaccination mandates, of course, and should the worst come to pass and the long-term side-effects prove serious, the vax bullies will have no choice but to claim they all along were skeptical — as many were when Trump was in office,” he writes.

This isn’t a bad bet, and don’t think the demagogic Left wouldn’t try it. They know well what fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini said he learned while working as a socialist journalist: You could tell one lie one day and a contradictory lie two weeks later, and most people wouldn’t notice because their memories are short. The Faucians have been flip-flopping on COVID all along, so what’s one more about-face?

Yet there’s another possibility, and this is just a thought. The Branch COVIDians may continue blaming the previously unvaccinated, claiming that their jab refusals allowed the China virus to stay in the population longer and hence gave it more mutation opportunity. No lie is too bold, remember.

Regardless, whether at issue are the lockdowns or mass-vaccination folly, if the COVIDians ever admitted their policies were responsible for killing thousands and tearing society’s fabric, their political careers would be destroyed. They cannot and will never do it.  

So, really, this appears a fight to the political death. Either the COVIDians are exposed and deposed and banished from public life forever or our civilization, as we know it, may descend into the abyss of autocracy.

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