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Watch a 5-year-old preacher go viral by baptizing his toys, singing with Grammy Award-winning singer: 'You have lifted us all up'


A 5-year-old boy has gone viral with millions of views online and on television for his budding career as a preacher.

Luke Tillman is a 5-year-old boy from Flint, Michigan. Young Luke wants to be just like his father – Ezra Tillman Jr. – a pastor at the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Flint, Michigan.

Since the age of three, Luke began to preach to his congregation – his toys in the living room of his home.

In late December, Tillman became an internet star when one of his Instagram videos went viral. Luke notched more than 6 million views for a video of his baptizing one of his “Paw Patrol” toys named “Chase.”

The video was captioned: “I shocked my mom today. I told her all my toys have to be baptized… today was Chase day. Say amen church.”

Tillman’s mother asked Luke, “Are you sure Chase wants to get baptized?”

Luke quickly replied, “Yeah! He needs the Holy Ghost.”

Luke brought Chase to the bathroom to baptize him in the bathtub. Luke began to sing the Nina Simone song “Take Me to the Water.”

The 5-year-old boy raised his hand and said, “Obedience to the command, I baptize you in the name of the Father, the name of the Son, and the name of the Holy Ghost.”

Luke then dunked Chase in the water.


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