Vivobarefoot launches new barefoot boot designed to tackle the extreme terrain


    Vivobarefoot launches new barefoot boot designed to tackle the extreme terrain

    Vivobarefoot has unveiled a brand new boot – the Tracker Forest ESC – which the brand says is its most advanced hiking footwear yet, and the result of four years of research and development. ESC is the brand’s ‘Extreme Survival Collection’, and the new boot is a high-performance option designed to enable the wearer to tackle extreme terrain and conditions, all while getting that much closer to the earth.

    Vivobarefoot is known for its minimalist footwear that does away the luxurious cushioning and chunky soles found in most of today’s best hiking boots for men and women, in favour of thin and flexible designs that let you get that much closer to the ground (head to our Vivo Barefoot Tracker II hiking boot review for a taste of the kind of thing we’re talking about). The brand new Tracker Forest ESC follows along in the same vein, but elevates it for use by serious adventurers. 

    The standout feature is the Michelin Esc Sole, developed in conjunction with the famous tyre company. Built from high-performance rubber, it features a multi-directional design to deliver superior traction and plenty of precision when tackling tricky terrain. Aggressive ‘claw like’ VV shaped lugs are positioned for ascents and descents, and include edge traction and an additional textured arch for traversing along steep inclines. No messing around here. Of course, it’s also super thin, flexible and wide enough to feel the ground through, in line with Vivobarefoot’s general ethos. 

    Vivobarefoot Tracker Forest ESC boots in use

    (Image credit: Vivobarefoot )

    Elsewhere, Vivobarefoot has kept things predictably pared-back. The upper is leather with a sandwich mesh lining. There’s no Gore-Tex in sight; instead you’re relying on the natural water resistance of the leather (with a helping hand from all-natural Renapur Leather Balsam, a tin of which is supplied with the boots) to keep your feet dry. The mesh also promotes breathability and is designed to keep moisture away from the skin, so your boots can dry out naturally as needed, without being uncomfortable.