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Trump said we’d get tired of winning. He’ll fall because the GOP is tired of losing.


By E.J. Dionne

Since I never expected Donald Trump to be president, I shuddered at the prospect of participating in a symposium on the theme, “Is this the end of Trump?” How often does anyone want to risk being wrong?

But as the investment funds always warn, past performance is no guarantee of future results. After years of confounding his detractors by surviving, he has now reached the end of the line. It may take a while. His poll ratings among Republicans will not come down all of a sudden. Nonetheless, the man who labeled Jeb Bush the “low energy” candidate is perilously close to deserving the “low energy” moniker himself.

Yes, the worlds of politics and punditry have become so accustomed to Trump’s ability to come back from scandals that would destroy the careers of everyone else that they now see Trump as endowed with miraculous superpowers. His greatest superpower has been the reluctance of most Republicans to move against him no matter what he did or said. To a large degree, that still holds. The GOP’s politicians remain deeply afraid of Trump’s loyalists and, as I wrote recently in the Washington Post, Trump’s weakness is his strength: The more he drives non-extremists out of the…

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