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Top Shapewear For Women 2022: Styles for Every Outfit


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Not all undergarments are created equal, so for those looking for a little extra support and control, allow us to introduce you to some of the best shapewear for women. Yes, classic high-rise briefs, lacy thongs and bodysuits are great, but sometimes you want something that shapes your body a little bit more. That’s exactly where all the different types of shapewear come into play. From seamless briefs to shapewear shorts, there are so many ways to get the comfort and support you crave.

When it comes to shopping for the best shapewear for women, there are plenty of must-have options. (Seriously!) Depending on where you want support and what outfit you want to pair with your shapewear, you might need several different pieces in your closet. For instance, shapewear shorts are great for supporting the backside and stomach—but they don’t cover the whole torso. They work well paired with skirts or dresses where you might just want a little bit of control. On the other hand, a shapewear bodysuit covers the entire torso, but none of the leg. Both of these shapewear pieces are fine to wear with similar clothing items, but you might prefer one over the other depending on your personal preferences.

Of course, no one should feel as though they need to wear shapewear in order to look absolutely gorgeous. Confidence comes from within, so if you feel comfortable and confident, you’ll look it, too. And while building confidence in how your body is shaped or looks in certain articles of clothing can take time, make sure you’re not only wearing shapewear to make yourself appear thinner or enhance parts of your body you wish were larger or smaller. Allow these pieces to help instill that confidence, but don’t let shapewear make you feel like your body isn’t beautiful without it.

That being said, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to shopping the best shapewear for women. Depending on what outfit you’re wearing or the areas in which you’d like control or support, different items work better. Keep reading to find out exactly what each type of shapewear does and looks best with—and ways to shop each style, of course.

Best Shapewear For Women: Bodysuits

Some people want full coverage, and we get that. That’s why shapewear bodysuits are another great option. These pieces cover your entire torso to down below the crotch and around the booty—unless, of course, it’s a thong bodysuit, which is great for avoiding panty lines! Either way, shapewear bodysuits have you covered (literally).

Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

Courtesy of Honeylove.

Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

If you’re looking for a bodysuit that will enhance, not restrict, your body’s natural shape, then you have to go with this style from Honeylove. The way it’s built allows for sculpting compression in your midsection, a subtle lift in your chest and smoothing for your thighs and back.

“I love the way that it accentuates my body,” wrote one reviewer. “The suit really gives that extra hold you want without feeling like you’re being tortured or making you sweaty.”

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Commando.

Classic Control Thong Bodysuit

This Control Thong Bodysuit
is a simple, no-fuss option for everyday wear. Throw it on under your favorite dress or even jeans and a blouse.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Spanx.

Suit Yourself Bodysuit

Low-key, this Spanx low-back Bodysuit is cute enough to wear with jeans as a going-out look. No one even has to know it’s actually shapewear.

Best Shapewear For Women: Seamless Briefs

If you’re in search of a shapewear piece that’s similar to classic underwear, opt for some seamless briefs. Some only go up to your waist, while others cover the entire torso (up to right under the chest). Depending on what is most comfortable to you, you can opt for either—but both are as close to undies as the best shapewear for women can get.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Yummie.

Yummie Lace Insert Shapewear

A classic black shapewear brief
is always a good option for any wardrobe. This pair is seamless, ultralight and sleek—basically like a pair of super-supportive undies.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Spanx.

OnCore High-Waisted Brief

These OnCore High-Waisted Briefs from Spanx are another great option (and come in black, too!). They’re available in sizes XS through 3X, so anyone can rock them under their ensembles.

Best Shapewear For Women: Shorts

Perfect for wearing under skirts and dresses, shapewear shorts are another must-have. For those who often deal with thigh chafing (same), shaping shorts can definitely give you support and keep the chafing away. And quite frankly, some shapewear shorts are cute enough to wear with an oversized blouse or tee—just say they’re ultra-supportive bike shorts!

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Yummie.

Yummie Ultralight Seamless Short

This pair of shapewear shorts
is a classic high-rise fit ideal for wearing under your favorite ensembles. Whether it’s a mini dress or maxi skirt, you can’t go wrong.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Wacoal.

Body Base Shorty Panty

Alternatively, if you want something a little bit lower-rise, go for this pair of Wacoal Shorty Panties

Best Shapewear For Women: High-Rise Thongs

Seamless shapewear briefs just not cutting it? Cut out the seam all-together and switch it up in favor of high-rise thongs. They’re everything you want in the best shapewear—supportive, controlling—but with the added assurance that no lines will show.

Control Thong

This Commando high-rise thong
comes in plenty of colors, so you can pick which works for your skin tone (or personal preference).

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Maidenform.

Shaping Lace Thong With Cool Comfort

Ooh, we love a pink moment! If you’re tired of neutrals, try this pink Shaping Lace Thong from Maidenform. The lacy details make it a bit sexy, too.

Best Shapewear For Women: Tanks

For those looking for a little control around the torso, a shapewear tank might be your best bet. These are easy for everyday wear, and can be thrown on under just about any top or dress. Consider them a go-to layering piece that gives you a little extra support.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Yummie.

6-in-1 Shaping Tank

This Yummie Shaping Tank
is as simple as they come—but it’s still ridiculously supportive. The classic black hue works well under most darker tops, and it requires little effort to put on.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Journelle.

Perfectly Curvy Vest

The Perfectly Curvy Vest from Journelle is another option that’s a bit different. This piece doesn’t go over your chest—so if you have larger breasts, you won’t feel suffocated. Win-win situation!

Best Shapewear For Women: Slips

If you’re looking for shapewear to wear under your favorite dress, allow us to introduce you to your new go-to slips. These shapewear slips are supportive and form-fitting, so you can rock your cutest frocks with confidence and ease.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of SKIMS.

Open Bust Slip Dress

Of course, you can always pull a Kim Kardashian and opt for the Open Bust Slip Dress from SKIMS. This won’t get in the way of your bra, so you can stay nice and comfortable.

Best Shapewear For Women: Waist-Cinchers

If your main goal with shapewear is to cinch or train your waist, your best bet is a waist-cincher. These work similarly to bodices, and attach around your waist right under the bust. Some folks simply wear them around the house, but you can also put them under a formal gown or another look where you want to accentuate the waist.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Spanx.

Under Sculpture Waist Cincher

This Under Sculpture Waist Cincher from Spanx is sure to serve you well if you want something more wearable under clothes.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of SKIMS.

Power Mesh Waist Trainer

Alternatively, the Power Mesh Waist Trainer from SKIMS can be used around the house to control and even adjust the actual shape and size of your waist, give you more of an hourglass figure.

Best Shapewear For Women: Control Tights

Then, there are control tights: the shapewear option that’s great for colder months. You can wear these to replace your usual tights or pantyhose with skirts and dresses in the fall and winter, or opt for an extra layer of warmth and support under your favorite jeans or trousers.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Berkshire.

Ultra Sheer Control Top Pantyhose

For a sheer look, these Control Top Pantyhose
from Berkshire are a light layer that keeps your stomach feeling supported.

STYLECASTER | Best Shapewear For Women

Courtesy of Assets by Spanx.

ASSETS by SPANX Women’s High-Waist Shaping Tights

If you’re after a pair of classic tights with a little extra support and control, try the High-Waist Shaping Tights from Assets by Spanx. They’re a cold weather staple!

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