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Top 10 milk-consuming countries in the world 2024

Top 10 milk-consuming countries in the world 2024

Milk, a fundamental source of nutrition and culinary inspiration, binds diverse societies worldwide through its universal appeal. As we traverse the gastronomic landscape of 2024, it’s enlightening to explore the top 10 milk-consuming nations, where dairy culture thrives and milk holds sway over culinary traditions. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the serene villages of France, milk’s significance transcends borders, reflecting a shared appreciation for its nourishing properties and gastronomic versatility.

Milk Consumption in the World

A recent study conducted by the International Milk Genomics Consortium highlighted a global trend in milk consumption, revealing that younger adults tend to consume less milk compared to their older counterparts. This shift suggests a response to advice on combating osteoporosis or a generational change in dietary habits. Alarmingly, the study also unveiled that the global average calcium intake falls significantly below the recommended levels set by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), with an average daily consumption of only 629 mg compared to the recommended 1,000-1,300 mg.

Moreover, the report unveiled a striking correlation between milk consumption and national per capita income, indicating that wealthier nations incorporate significantly more milk into their diets than low-income countries. On average, individuals in wealthier countries consume approximately 5.8 ounces of milk per day, whereas those in lower-income nations consume only 2.4 ounces. Another crucial aspect influencing milk consumption is the prevalence of lactose intolerance within each country. In certain regions, such as Yemen and South Korea, lactose intolerance affects up to 100% of the population, drastically impacting milk and dairy consumption patterns on a national scale.

Largest Milk Consuming Country in the World 2024

In 2024, the European Union (EU-27) solidifies its position as the largest milk-consuming entity globally, with a domestic consumption totaling a staggering 140,400,000 metric tonnes (1000 MT). This immense figure underscores the EU’s significant reliance on milk as a dietary staple and reflects its extensive dairy industry infrastructure. With diverse dairy products deeply embedded in European culinary traditions and lifestyles, the EU’s substantial milk consumption reaffirms its status as a dominant force in the global dairy market, shaping trends and consumption patterns across the continent and beyond.

Top-10 Milk Consuming Countries in the World 2024

European Union, with the domestic milk consumption of 140,400, 000 metric tons, stands as the largest milk consumer in the world, followed by India, United States and China.

Here is the list of top-10 milk consuming countries in the world 2024:

Top-10 Milk Consuming Countries in the World 2024
Rank Country Milk Consumption (in 1000 MT)
1. EU-27 140,400.00
2. India 121,495.00
3. United States 88,768.00
4. China 31,774.00
5. Russian Federation 31,405.00
6. Brazil 30,803.00
7. New Zealand 17,926.00
8. Mexico 11,261.00
9. Argentina 11,045.00
10. Ukraine 10,793.00

Largest Milk Consumer in the World – European Union

Milk Production: 140,400,000 metric tons

European Union (EU-27) stands as the world’s foremost milk-consuming entity, with domestic consumption totaling a remarkable 140,400,000 metric tonnes (1000 MT). This vast consumption underscores the integral role of milk in European diets, reflecting the continent’s rich dairy heritage and robust industry infrastructure.

Second Largest Country in terms of Milk Consumption – India

Milk Consumption: 121,495,000 metric tons

India emerges as a formidable contender in global milk consumption, consuming a substantial 121,495,000 metric tonnes (1000 MT) in 2024. With milk deeply ingrained in culinary customs and cultural practices, India’s significant consumption reflects its status as a leading producer and consumer of dairy products.

World’s Third Largest Milk Consumer – United States

Milk Production: 88,768,000 metric tons

The United States maintains its prominent position among the top milk-consuming nations, with domestic consumption reaching 88,768,000 metric tonnes (1000 MT) in 2024. Milk serves as a dietary staple in American households, contributing to the nation’s diverse dairy landscape and reflecting its robust dairy industry and consumer preferences.

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