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These 3 Zodiac Indicators Will Have the Greatest Week, Because of the New Moon in Pisces


Winter is slowly but surely coming to an end, which is one reason why three lucky zodiac signs will have the best weekly horoscope from February 20 to February 26. What are you co-creating with the universe? With the sun officially glimmering through all-encompassing Pisces, we are not only prone to wearing our rose-colored glasses, but also learning to trust in something much greater than we can imagine.

A new moon kickstarts the week, renewing itself at the first degree of all-encompassing Pisces. Taking place while in close proximity to taskmaster Saturn, this new moon is equally as auspicious as it is pivotal to the rest of your year. After all, Saturn—aka Father Time—will be activating this same degree three more times in 2023, which is why it’s important to use your discernment when setting intentions. Think about it—if Pisces is symbolic of our dreams, subconscious, belief systems and relationship with the divine, and Saturn has everything to do with structures, traditions and long-lasting foundations, the universe is basically giving you all of the ingredients needed to create the life you’ve always dreamt of having.

That same day, sensual and romantic Venus will debut in Aries, shifting her energy…

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