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The Woke Chauvinists Want Chauvin’s Head, but Their Prosecution Is Collapsing


The Woke Chauvinists Want Chauvin’s Head, but Their Prosecution Is Collapsing

The Woke Chauvinists Want Chauvin’s Head, but Their Prosecution Is Collapsing
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It’s what can happen when media agitation helps formulate criminal charges: A lawbreaker dies of an overdose in police custody, and the officer who restrained him is overcharged and then acquitted.

Then the rabble, convinced by race hustlers and propagandists that a murder was committed and the cop’s head would be on a platter, riot, burn, and destroy. Some of this has already happened in the case of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and the late George Floyd. The rest very well may happen. As commentator Andrea Widburg reports:

The trial of Derek Chauvin grinds on. Currently, the prosecution is still putting on its case, but it may want to stop doing so before the court is forced to dismiss the case altogether. As Andrew Branca, at Legal Insurrection, explained after the eighth day of the trial, “once again, the defense weaponizes prosecution ‘expert’ witness against the prosecution case.”

… A brief rundown here to orient you: George Floyd, a convicted violent felon, passed a fake $20 bill. When the police arrived, Floyd was clearly under the influence and complaining that he couldn’t breathe. The police tried to get him into the back of their car, at which point he went wild.

Concluding that Floyd was suffering from excited delirium (i.e., a probably drug overdose), Derek Chauvin restrained Floyd in textbook fashion, by placing him on his stomach with Chauvin’s knee across Floyd’s shoulder. The police also called 911 for a paramedic. While all this was going on a crowd gathered, filming what was happening and hurling angry, threatening imprecations at the police. Then Floyd died.

This led to hundreds of violent riots and civilization-rending cultural changes, such as new policies and laws, the renaming of schools and other institutions, and legally mandated discrimination rebranded as “equity” six ways to Sunday. What’s more, Floyd’s family got $27 million from the city of Minneapolis to ease their grief.

“Meanwhile, the coroner’s report established that Floyd didn’t die from suffocation, but from a massive Fentanyl overdose (on top of the other drugs in his system),” Widburg also writes. “Nevertheless, the BLM mob wanted blood.”

They may get it, too, if the jurors are as intimidated as some say. But they won’t get that blood on the merits of the case. As Queen of Snark Ann Coulter, who’s an attorney, writes:

Apparently, no one is watching the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer on trial for the murder of George Floyd. Otherwise, the media couldn’t get away with their spectacular lying to the public about how the prosecution is killing it.

It’s quite the opposite. In fact, in less than a week, the prosecution’s theory of the crime has subtly shifted from MURDER! to “failed to provide what we would say, in retrospect, would be a full and complete duty of care during the one- to three-minute interval between Floyd’s resisting the police to his dying, as a hostile crowd screamed obscenities at the police officers.”

The defense hasn’t even begun to make its case, but the prosecution’s witnesses keep helping Chauvin. (The only exception to the wild media lying is Headline News, where the lawyer commentators go the extra mile by watching the trial.)

Week One was chock-a-block with weeping bystanders wailing about how they felt watching Chauvin restrain Floyd. This would be tremendous evidence if the charge against Officer Chauvin were “first-degree upsetting bystanders.” But that’s not the charge. That’s not even a crime.

American Thinker’s Frank Friday adds to the story:

The defense turned the tables this week in the Derek Chauvin case, getting the star prosecution witness, the police chief, to admit that the videos appear to show Chauvin kneeling on George Floyds’ shoulder blade, not his neck. The prosecution has also paraded a bunch of police witnesses to say knee-on-neck has never been allowed as part of police training, except it most certainly was. Yet another police witness admitted that a knee to side-of-neck pin should render a person unconscious in ten seconds, yet Mr. Floyd famously resisted for nine minutes. 

Add to that the autopsy showed bruises not on his neck, but on his shoulders, right where Officer Chauvin is going to insist, and the video shows, he was restraining George Floyd in a distinctly non-lethal place. In fact, a similar kind of knee to the shoulder pin happens every day on high school wrestling mats without fatalities.  

So, we have the prosecution witnesses potentially perjuring and gravely contradicting their own case. 

So the “kneeling on the neck” line is up there (down there?) with “Hands up, don’t shoot!” It’s a media lie.

It’s unknown if, given the intimidation factor, the Chauvin jury will be willing to convict; it takes only one juror, however, to prevent a conviction. Yet it increasingly appears that if the officer is convicted, media lies will have delivered injustice. If he isn’t, media lies will deliver deadly unrest. Either way, the mainstream media will have hurt our nation — again.

It’s just another reason we should remember #MLM: Media Lies Matter.

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