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The way forward for Twitter: 4 situations


By Darrell M. West

It has been an eventful year for Twitter. With Elon Musk’s recent purchase, there have been dramatic changes. As a free speech advocate, he has encouraged a wider range of voices on Twitter, piloted new products, and asked people to pay $8/month to get special services and use the company’s blue check certification.

Yet a few weeks after this ownership change, the company is drowning in chaos. Around half of its employees have left or been laid-off. Regulators at the Federal Trade Commission and the European Union have demanded that Musk maintain effective security and privacy policy enforcement. And Musk has allowed Donald Trump back on Twitter after an online survey showed 52% were in favor of reinstatement.

Equally important, a number of advertisers have paused their spending amidst all the turmoil at the company, thereby threatening the longer-term financial stability of the company. In a number of respects, therefore, Musk’s acquisition raises interesting questions of where Twitter is going and alternative scenarios for the future.

In this piece, I analyze four scenarios for Twitter: bankruptcy, a company with a much smaller staff that does little content moderation and allows extremist…

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