The tech toys you need to buy right now


    The tech toys you need to buy right now

    Price: £140 | Amazon | John Lewis 

    Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

    Lego and Mario always makes for a winning combination, and this latest offering will make for a treasured piece for all fans, old and new. An accurate representation of the classic question mark block when closed, it unfolds to reveal instantly recognisable levels from the Super Mario 64 game. Peach’s Castle, Bob-omb Battlefield, Cool, Cool Mountain, and Lethal Lava Trouble are all present and accounted for, along with 10 microfigures of iconic characters to lay out as you see fit. With 2,064 pieces and an official rating of 18+, we imagine most adults will try and snap it up as soon as they can, but there’s no reason parents can’t share the joy of the build with any little ones that have a passion to build.

    Price: £160 | LEGO

    Valve Steam Deck

    Valve’s first ever portable gaming machine brings the fight straight to the Nintendo Switch with a more grown up design and supercharged capabilities. Powered by a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 GPU (comfortably more powerful than that of Nintendo’s handheld), it has physical and touch controls for flexibility. The real trick though, is its compatibility with the entire Steam library, essentially turning it into a pocketable (well, almost) gaming PC. Sure, its 1280 x 800 screen isn’t exactly rammed with pixels, but it’s plenty for its 7-inch size, and it means that games can run more smoothly too. Releasing in December, it could change the face of portable gaming for good.

    Price: From £349 | Steam

    Build Your Own Kaleidoscope 

    Santa’s stocking could always do with more gifts sub £20 and we’ve got couple of excellent suggestions to consider: Spin Master’s Perplexus Rebel 3D Maze game, for example, comes with 70 challenging obstacles to make it through the igloo, ‘terrible tube’ and ‘scary stairs’ without falling off the track. 

    Meanwhile, the build-your-own Kaleidoscope kit will have you harking for your own childhood. Just add daisy chains and run barefoot through a sunny field to make you feel even more nostalgic.

    For any teenagers who love a quiz, try Confident? where you guess with a range – as big or small as you like – of answers. Questions inside include: How many episodes of Friends are there? How long does it take for food to digest? Answers on a postcard please. 

    Spin Master Perplexus Rebel 3D Maze: £15 | Amazon | Smyths Toys

    Smartivity Kaleidoscope: £18 | Smart Toys and Games 

    Confident?: £20 | Amazon 

    Logi Dock

    The Logi Dock might not be the most immediate choice for kids and teens. After all, it’s a rather grown-up-looking all-in-one dock designed to help reduce desk clutter. When you think about how children are learning and interacting with each other so much more via online video calls though, you can start to see the value. For starters its 100W power capabilities means it’s more than capable of charging laptops, tablets and smartphones, with two USB ports and USB-C ports for extra connectivity. An HDMI port and DisplayPort take care of screen connectivity, while a six-mic setup ensures clear communication during calls, with easy mute buttons and reminders synced to your calendar. Utility aside, it’s a powerful little speaker in its own right too, banishing tinny laptop speakers once and for all.

    Published at Fri, 12 Nov 2021 18:12:00 +0000

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