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The Left is on the road to totalitarianism

The Left is on the road to totalitarianism

The Democrat Party is intent on destroying our nation from the inside out. And while the leftists might not come bearing physical weapons, they do have a more insidious kind of attack: ideas.

“It’s the battle of ideas. People are persuaded by socialism and Marxism. Why? Because they never produce what they say they’re going to produce. They produce horror, they produce death, they produce impoverishment. But the promises are endless,” Mark Levin explains.

Because Americans have historically enjoyed the greatest freedoms, they are also at the highest risk for giving them away.

“Liberty takes some explanation. Not to those who don’t have it, but to those who do,” Levin says.

If we’re incapable of even understanding the liberty we have, it becomes much harder to stop it from being taken away — and Levin believes that’s what’s happening right now.

“We are definitely on the road to totalitarianism,” he warns.

But he has a solution.

“We have no control over the culture, and so we need to push back. We have to claw our way back. We have to fight our way back.”

“It is important that we are successful, when it comes to the debate over ideas. It is important that we are successful in passing the…

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