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'The dinner tables turned': PETA posts cartoon of turkey household making ready to eat a human


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals posted a tweet the day before Thanksgiving that depicted a family of turkeys, or more specifically human bodies with turkey heads, preparing to eat a human being for dinner.

“POV: The dinner tables turned & a family is gathering around your dead body to share why they’re thankful,” PETA tweeted.

Jerry Dunleavy of the Washington Examiner mockingly replied to the post, tweeting, “the turkeys must be destroyed before they rebel against us.”

“For an organization that has been so astonishingly terrible at their core mission they’ve created more meat-eaters than activists, you have to admire their stubborn dedication to changing absolutely nothing, passionately and arrogant, smug self-righteousness, year after year,” tweeted Chad Felix Greene.

PETA also posted a cartoon that depicted a distressed turkey as maniacal-looking woman pours gravy on the bird, and a man with a similarly crazed look licks his lips while saying, “I can’t wait to slurp up these juices!”…

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