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The Comedy Prophets Of 2020

The Comedy Prophets Of 2020

The greatest pop culture gift conservatives got this year came via a labor shutdown.

The Hollywood writers strike silenced late-night comedians for a whopping 148 days. No stale jokes protecting the Biden administration and ignoring the reality all around us.

Other comedians filled that void, delivering jokes that not only made us laugh but told essential truths. And comedy doesn’t land without truth.

Call them the comedy prophets.

Dave Chappelle had a relatively quiet 2023, by his standards. He didn’t release any new incendiary specials or spark fresh calls for cancellation. He did ruffle feathers, however, by saying what everyone but San Francisco Mayor London Breed acknowledges.

In May, Chappelle played the Golden City and roasted the once beautiful mecca.

“What the f*** happened to this place?” he asked the crowd. He told them how he saw a man defecating outside a local restaurant. He called the city, “half-Glee, half zombie movie” and ended with this kicker.

“Y’all [n-words] need a Batman!”

Would a non-striking Stephen Colbert ever utter a line like that, with or without the expletive?

Rob Schneider spent the year performing stand-up and speaking truth to power with his…

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