Texas Is About to Pass an Insane Law Letting People Carry Guns Without Background Checks, Licenses, or Training


    Texas Is About to Pass an Insane Law Letting People Carry Guns Without Background Checks, Licenses, or Training

    Thinking of taking a page from corporate America’s playbook and relocating to Texas? Wondering what life might be like in the Lone Star State? On the one hand, you’ve got the great food and live music scenes of Austin. On the other, you run the risk of running into “gelatinous tubeworm” Ted Cruz, abortions are now banned as early as six weeks, voter suppression is rampant, and, thanks to a bill about to be signed into law, there are basically no restrictions on guns whatsoever.

    Despite criticism from both law enforcement and a majority of residents, Texas’s Republican-led legislature approved a bill late Monday night that allows people to carry handguns in public without a license, background check, or training. It will now go to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk, where, short of him suffering an attack of conscience, it’ll be made into law. “The strongest Second Amendment legislation in Texas history,” Abbott tweeted before the bill was passed. “Let’s get it to my desk for signing.” While 59% of Texas voters oppose permit-free carry, supporters like the National Rifle Association—whose leader hides out on yachts to avoid mass shootings—praised the legislation, calling it the greatest Texas “gun rights victory since the Alamo,” claiming it repeals restrictions that infringe on one‘s constitutional rights.

    While Republicans love to talk a big game about being the party of “law and order,” they apparently had little issue going against the wishes and advice of law enforcement in passing the bill. Prior to the legislation’s passage, law enforcement groups reportedly expressed concern that there would be no way to determine in advance if a person has the right to carry a gun if licenses are not required. Lawmakers added stiffer penalties for felons caught illegally carrying guns, but law enforcement was not swayed by the largely meaningless measure. “We wouldn’t know who we’re stopping,” Douglas Griffith, president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union, told KTRK-TV. “Who is going to have a weapon? Who is not going to have a weapon? Who is trained proficient in that weapon and who’s not? I think it’s very important when you’re talking about people having something that could take someone’s life that they have to be trained in that.” Kevin Lawrence, executive director of the Texas Municipal Police Association, told The Washington Post that in states that enacted similar laws to the one Abbott is poised to sign, crime rates went up and police reported challenges after such laws went into effect. “It’s going to make the jobs of the officers on the street more difficult,” Lawrence told the Post on Tuesday.

    In an emotional seven-minute address on the House floor on Monday, Rep. Joe Moody, who represents a portion of El Paso County, where a 2019 shooting killed at least 20 people, pleaded with lawmakers to take a second to consider the violence that could occur from unrestricted access to firearms. Apparently, though, like their colleagues across the country, Texas Republicans decided pleasing the NRA was more important than the lives of their constituents. Oh, and in a turn of events that’ll knock your socks off, the most hated man in Congress thinks the bill is a great idea:

    Meanwhile, as Texas passes a law basically allowing anyone to carry a gun, no questions asked, it’s about to make it more difficult for people to exercise their constitutional right—you know how they love those!—to vote. And should anyone want or need to get an abortion—including the victims of incest or rape—sorry, that ain’t happening. Because Texas Republicans are pro-life, except if we’re talking about people needlessly killed by gun violence, in which case that’s the price of freedom.

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    Elizabeth Warren rearranges Jamie Dimon’s internal organs

    The Senator and the bank CEO meet again:

    JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Jamie Dimon is the longest serving bank chief who testified before Congress Wednesday, but to the Senate’s biggest critic of Wall Street, he’s also “the star of the overdraft show.” Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren lit into Dimon, as she sought to make the point that banks kept charging onerous fees to customers struggling during the pandemic — even as regulators in Washington eased rules for lenders. JPMorgan, Warren noted, made almost $1.5 billion from overdrafts last year, seven times more per account than its competitors. Still, it didn’t automatically waive the penalties as the government had suggested.

    Warren, who said banks collectively took in $4 billion in overdraft fees last year, accused Dimon of ducking her question and asked him to return the money. He refused. “You and your colleagues come in today to talk about how you stepped up and took care of customers during the pandemic, and it’s a bunch of baloney,” replied Warren.

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