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Teen athlete's legs mangled in encounter with man Kim Gardner stored out of jail, prompting Missouri AG to demand the Soros prosecutor's resignation by excessive midday


Republican Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has given St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner until high noon Thursday to resign or be removed. This ultimatum comes amid outcry over the reported destruction of a teen athlete’s legs by an accused robber whom the Soros-backed prosecutor kept out of jail.

Bailey minced no words about his reason for seeking the Democrat attorney’s resignation: “Instead of protecting victims, Circuit Attorney Gardner is creating them. My office will do everything in its power to restore order, and eliminate the chaos in St. Louis caused by Kim Gardner’s neglect of her office.”

Gardner, the Soros-backed attorney who cut loose BLM rioters in 2020 and sought to punish Mark and Patricia McCloskey for having attempted to defend their home, has a long history of going lax on criminals and seeking politically motivated prosecutions.

The last straw appears to be the maiming of a 16-year-old volleyball player, Janae Edmondson of Tennessee, who had been looking forward to playing Division II volleyball in college. She had one leg mangled and the other severely damaged after a man freed from jail with pending robbery charges allegedly hit her, reported the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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