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Surveillance video shows the moment that a California teenager steals a puppy


Surveillance camera video captured the moment that a California teen violently stole a puppy from a woman.

A dog theft was caught on camera in Bell Gardens near Los Angeles around 12:30 p.m. on Jan. 30.

A California teen entered the Planet Pet Shop in Bell Gardens, and brazenly stole a dog from a cage. The girl sprinted out of the store, and the pet shop owner gave chase.

The pet shop owner – Rosa Muñoz – caught up with the thieving teen. However, the teen put up a fight. She started swinging her fists and pepper sprayed the woman in the face twice.

The puppy thief is seen on surveillance video throwing Muñoz to the pavement. Muñoz suffered a broken hand during the physical altercation.

A witness is seen on video avoiding the conflict and casually walking straight past the confrontation.

The puppy-snatcher was able to steal a one-month-old Maltipoo named Baby Moon. The puppy was sick before the animal was stolen.

Days after the puppy robbery, the dog was returned to the store. A pedestrian noticed that Baby Moon was inside a shoebox outside Planet Pet Shop.

Muñoz’s son, Jesse Robles, said, “They told me that was my dog outside and when I went to check the shoe box, it was.”

He said that Baby Moon went days…

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