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Super Bowl 2023 Predictions – Which Team Will Win? Here’s What the Zodiac Has to Say


Every year, the NFL Super Bowl captures the attention of the entire sports world. Just two teams remain in the 2023 NFL league, and on February 12 at 6:30 p.m. ET, the Philadelphia Eagles will face off with the Kansas City Chiefs. Only one question remains—which team will win? Because I’m an astrologer, I’m here to dive into my Super Bowl predictions based on the zodiac signs of both teams.

Before we dive into the astrology at play, let’s talk about how my process works. First, I decipher the birth date of both teams. For the Kansas City Chiefs, that date is May 22, 1963. This is when the team that was originally called the Dallas Texans officially moved to Kansas City and were then renamed the Chiefs. That makes the team of red and gold a Gemini. On the opposite side of the field are the Philadelphia Eagles, which were officially accepted into the NFL on July 8, 1933, making the team of green and silver a Cancer.

After I’ve pulled up astrology charts for both teams, I then check the transits that are taking place on the day of the Super Bowl and interpret whether these transits will be helpful or beneficial to their success. Because these interpretations are based on analyses that are both objective and…

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