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State Longitudinal data Ecosystem

State Longitudinal data Ecosystem

The National Governors Association in partnership with the Data Quality Campaign is working with states in a new learning ecosystem to help Governors’ offices and other state officials better understand their state longitudinal data systems.

There is a growing desire amongst Governors to identify and track students from early learning through their entry into the workforce in order to evaluate programs, inform strategic decision-making, analyze trends and ultimately improve outcomes. Each state has an array of data collection methods and tools, but many states use a State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) to meet these needs and connect students’ records across at least two of four core state agencies: early learning, k-12, postsecondary and workforce. When states have a fully connected SLDS, they can use that data to measure student success and assess their progress as well as the quality of educational and skills-development programs that are intended to prepare them for the labor market. Further, when the information from such a data system is shared, policymakers, educators, employers and students can make informed decisions to guide their pathway through education and the workforce.

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