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Soros Group to Raise $100 Million to Promote Biden Infrastructure Plan


Soros Group to Raise $100 Million to Promote Biden Infrastructure Plan

Soros Group to Raise $100 Million to Promote Biden Infrastructure Plan
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The Left is pulling out all the stops to ensure Joe Biden’s $2.5 billion “infrastructure” wish list becomes reality.

Open Society Foundations, the nonprofit of notorious socialist billionaire George Soros, is pumping $20 million to whip up grassroots support in favor of Biden’s infrastructure proposals.

According to Axios, the Soros outfit plans to use the $20 million as a building block to ultimately raise $100 million with which to get the word out for the White House’s program. “Every initiative proposed by President Biden has broad public support,” said Tom Perriello, the executive director of Open Society Foundations. “But we’ve seen popular reforms get demonized before by partisans and special interests, and we are not going to let that happen.”

The initial $20 million will reportedly all be used for grassroots organizing, not paid advertising. “We hope this effort on the part of organizers and donors will give the Biden administration and Congress the assurance that they need to go as big, bold and fast as possible,” said Leah Hunt-Hendrix, who co-founded the progressive network Way to Win.

Soros is known for his financing of far-left political schemes. As The New American’s William Jasper noted in his article “George Soros: The ‘God’ Who Should be Jailed,” Soros groups have been behind everything from Black Lives Matter riots to the pro-migration open borders movement.

Jasper wrote:

Were the “Not My President” rioters that illegally blocked streets and freeways, set fires, threw Molotov cocktails, injured police officers, destroyed property, and defaced public buildings with graffiti day after day following the November 8 election merely Soros rent-a-mobs? There is good reason to believe so.

Not only were well-known Soros-funded organizations such as Black Lives Matter and MoveOn.org prominently involved, but Soros-funded groups such as Washington Community Action Network (Washington CAN) ran advertisements on Craigslist and in newspapers for “full-time organizers” to “Fight the Trump Agenda!” at $15/hour, plus paid vacation and benefits.

As to be expected, Soros PR minions deny that their boss has anything to do with the mayhem caused by those he funds. “George Soros is not funding these (anti Trump) protests,” Soros spokesperson Michael Vachon said in an interview with Value Walk. Of course, Soros also denied funding the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. But financial records showed that he had provided millions of dollars to the Tides Foundation, which then passed through funding to the OWS activists.

A group tied to Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the Transition Integrity Project, played a key role in the 2020 election, preparing to lead Black Lives Matter activists in mass street uprisings in the event that it appeared that President Trump won the race.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Cyberspace Administration of China has bragged about controlling the Berggruen Institute, a think tank whose leadership was behind the Transition Integrity Project.

In short, Soros and his associates worked in lockstep with Communist China to organize a coup against President Trump.

Despite being pitched as an “infrastructure” plan, Biden’s proposal is bursting with leftist pet projects. For example, it is focused on racial “equity.” “President Biden’s … infrastructure investments will mitigate socio-economic disparities, advance racial equity, and promote affordable access to opportunity,” the plan reads. The package would even include $20 billion to destroy highways deemed to discriminate against nonwhites.

Republicans oppose the plan, pointing to its bloated price tag and inclusion of measures totally unrelated to infrastructure. However, some members of the GOP in Congress have signaled that they would be willing to get behind it if it were cleaned up. “I think there’s an easy win here for the White House if they would take that win, which is make this an infrastructure package which is about 30% … of the $2.25 trillion they’re talking about spending,” said Representative Roy Blunt (R-Mo.).

“I think it’s a big mistake for the administration,” Blunt added. “And I also think it would be an easy victory if we go back and look at roads and bridges and ports and airports and maybe even underground water systems and broadband. You’d still be talking about less than 30% of this entire package, and it’s an easily doable 30%.”

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