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Since May 2020, there has been a total of 275 attacks on Catholic churches. Report


Since the 2020 summer riots, when vandals caused billions of dollars in damages, there have been at least 275 attacks against Catholic Churches in the United States, reported CatholicVote Civic Action, a nonprofit advocacy organization.

While the rioting and looting were winding down at the end of the summer, the targeted attacks against churches were just ramping up.

The more than 275 attacks against Catholic Churches since May 28, 2020, included arson, damaged and destroyed property, graffiti, and shattered windows.

According to CatholicVotes, churches across the nation have been spray-painted with satanic messages, and religious statues have been decapitated.

The widespread attacks occurred with more frequency following the leak of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in May 2022.

Since then, churches have been vandalized and spray-painted with pro-abortion messages at least 118 times. Churches in 42 states and Washington D.C. have been targeted. Some of those houses of worship have been hit multiple times.

States that experienced the most attacks include California, with 39; New York, 28; Pennsylvania, 19; Texas, 15; Colorado, 14; and New Jersey, 14. The largest clusters of attacks against churches occurred…

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