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Senator Blasts Biden For Compiling ‘Naughty List’ Of Peddlers Of ‘Misinformation’ Like The Lab-Leak Theory


A Republican senator said President Joe Biden is this year’s Grinch for weaponizing the government to censor or attack Americans for engaging in “misinformation” by questioning official government lines.

“You better watch out! President Biden is making a list and checking it twice. Going to find out who is being naughty…exercising their constitutional rights,” Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) said Tuesday.

Ernst urged the Biden administration’s National Science Foundation to pull funding for a $5 million grant to a group called Hacks/Hackers to make software that would essentially turn American citizens into online bots. The tool will ask them to paste in their friends’ tweets and Facebook posts to be told whether they constituted “harmful” “misinformation.” If so, the software will generate rebuttals offering the official positions of groups like the World Health Organization, and ask them to copy-and-paste them as replies to their friends’ posts as if they were their own words. The grant came to light through a Daily Wire investigation on December 1.

In addition to the software, called the Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust (ARTT), Hacks/Hackers also hired people for a project to help determine…

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