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Robbery suspect won't face murder charges in shooting of gas station clerk since suspect allegedly returned fire at clerk — which can be considered self-defense


A northern California robbery suspect won’t face murder charges in the deadly shooting of a gas station clerk in Antioch last weekend since the suspect allegedly returned fire at the clerk — which, under the law, can be considered self-defense, KTVU-TV reported.

What are the details?

James Williams, 36, working as a clerk at the Extra Mile mini-mart on Contra Loma Boulevard early Saturday morning, the station said.

Police told KGO-TV two males walked into the unlocked store around 2 a.m. and robbed it. KTVU said a gunman confronted Williams.

Thing is, though, Williams also had a gun, and he pulled it out, KTVU said.

Williams then chased after the suspects and shot toward them, police told KGO.

Authorities told KTVU that stolen cigar packages were dropped.

Williams “hit one of the suspects, 20-year-old Ronald Jackson, Jr., in the leg,” Ashley Crandell, public information officer with the Antioch Police Department, told KGO.

KTVU said Williams continued shooting after hitting Jackson.

Officers told KGO that Jackson fired back and fatally shot Williams, who was hit in the chest and leg.

Jackson is not being charged with murder because the killing can be considered self-defense, KTVU said.

Instead, Jackson was…

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