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Reflections on a Pandemic by Joseph Vazquez – Poetry Slam


Reflections on a Pandemic by Joseph Vazquez – Poetry Slam

Joseph Vazquez participated in the first virtual Alegría Poetry Slam on July 18, 2020. Thank you to all the wonderful poets who participated. 

Here in this pandemic, where the world 

has stopped 

the world has changed

but much of it is still the same

There is still hatred and ignorance

being practiced and cultivated as if being taught

and cultivated in zoom sessions

The privileged whine of being inconvenienced 

they hold rallies with guns for haircuts

They cry loud with fists clenched

from their burden of “injustice”

for getting arrested for going to the gym

While Jim turns a blind eye to the black man beaten


a black mother and child are arrested and beaten 

for being wrongfully accused of stealing a TV. 

The clear evidence mounts


Video after video

As the country’s racism yells “HA! HA! Look at me!” 

But Jim’s mad for getting arrested at the gym

but Jim was never mad for forgetting his 

black neighbor’s plight

because then he would have to see his own sin

See his own sin

See his own sin

See and know sin

See and own sin

It’s beyond minimizing and dismissing transgressions 

of the past

“Slavery is over,” Jim says “Get over it!”

While Jim flips from the channel 

that shows the black man getting shot while jogging

Flip – a young man being slammed against the wall

while being punched repeatedly in the face by police

He arrives at Fox News and feels 

comfortable and safe

and blankets himself in his hate

Sorry, sorry, not hate

It’s just his safe space

He’s been social distancing from people of color for years

For years he wore masks to protect himself

against germs of a people he viewed as pandemic

The masks even filtered his prejudice 

with “appropriate” words to constructively express 

his displeasure

Until he rediscovered his freedom and liberties

a Constitutional right for his expression

he found under this administration

Now Jim blogs, Jim tweets, Jim cries, 

Jim Crow’s 

3 times a week

proclaiming the inconvenience of his people 

while denying the true pandemic 

plaguing this country.

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