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Radio Talker IDs “Jump Kick Man” in Rittenhouse Video. Career Criminal Offered to Testify in Exchange for Deal


Radio Talker IDs “Jump Kick Man” in Rittenhouse Video. Career Criminal Offered to Testify in Exchange for Deal

Radio Talker IDs “Jump Kick Man” in Rittenhouse Video. Career Criminal Offered to Testify in Exchange for Deal

A conservative radio host says he has identified “Jump Kick Man,” the heretofore-unknown assailant who kicked Kyle Rittenhouse in the face just before he shot attackers Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz.

Kyle shot the two criminals after he killed boy rapist Joseph Rosebaum on August 25 last year during the Blake Riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

But just before Rittenhouse fatally shot convicted strangler Huber, who twice attacked Rittenhouse with a skateboard, then shot longtime criminal Grosskreutz, “Jump Kick Man” went after the then 17-year-old.

Dan O’Donnell of Milwaukee’s 1130 WISN radio did not name the individual because he is not charged with a crime. But O’Donnell did reveal that the man has a long criminal record like Rittenhouse’s other assailants. As well, Jump Kick Man offered to testify; prosecutors turned him down.

Who Is Jump Kick Man?

Jump Kick Man played a key role in the events, as O’Donnell reported, and it might have been the flying kick to Rittenhouse’s face as he sat on the ground that invited Huber and Grosskreutz to attack.

Jump Kick Man “is a 40-year-old Black male from Kenosha with an extensive criminal record who was at the time of the Rittenhouse shootings on probation following a conviction for domestic violence battery,” O’Donnell reported:

He faced a maximum sentence of nine months in jail, but less than two months before he kicked Rittenhouse, he accepted a plea deal that netted him 12 months’ probation. The following year, he violated the terms of his probation and was sentenced to seven months in jail.

Rittenhouse, O’Donnell noted, fired two rounds at the thug, who “may well have provoked Huber to strike Rittenhouse with his skateboard a second time, causing Rittenhouse to shoot and kill him. That in turn prompted Grosskreutz to advance on Rittenhouse and draw his handgun on him, which caused Rittenhouse to shoot him in the arm.”

O’Donnell, again, did not identify the man. But sources told the radio talker that the man “offered to testify, but in exchange requested immunity from an ongoing drunk driving and domestic abuse case with which he was charged in June. Prosecutors declined his offer and chose not to call him as a witness in the Rittenhouse case.”

Jump Kick Man’s Record

Like Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskreutz, Jump Kick Man is a hardened criminal, O’Donnell reported.

His rap sheet is more than two decades long, “with multiple felony convictions for car theft, ID theft, drug possession, and escaping custody. Given this and a recent prior conviction for misdemeanor battery (and a subsequent probation revocation), Jump Kick Man should have been sentenced to at least some jail time following his most recent conviction.”

Continued O’Donnell:

His earliest conviction listed in the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access online database is for felony escape, meaning that he had already been in custody or convicted of a crime and in the penal system. That offense is not listed in the database, but he was sentenced to two years in prison and five years of extended supervision on the escape charge.

Upon his release — and while he was on extended supervision — he was convicted of possession of THC and sentenced to five days in jail in 2003. After another THC possession conviction got him one year of probation in 2007, he violated the terms of that probation when he was arrested on multiple counts of felony identity theft in early 2008.

But those crimes didn’t send him to prison. Prosecutors inked a plea deal with three year’s probation. 

But “less than four months later, he escaped arrest in a separate incident and was sentenced to a year in jail,” O’Donnell continued. When that term ended, he stole a car and landed another probationary sentence.

More arrests and convictions followed, including one for drug possession and obstructing an officer in 2013. 

“Three years later, though, he was charged as a repeat offender with domestic violence-related disorderly conduct but avoided jail time and got two years’ probation,” O’Donnell reported:

Unsurprisingly, in 2018 he violated the terms of that probation and was sentenced to 120 days in jail.

At this point, Jump Kick Man had been sentenced to probation in three different cases and violated the terms of that probation every single time. Still, a judge last June sentenced him to probation yet again … and yet again he violated the terms of that probation earlier this year.

O’Donnell didn’t name the judge, but he did observe the obvious. If Jump Kick Man had been in jail, Huber might be alive, and Grosskreutz might not be missing part of his bicep.

The Rittenhouse jury began deliberating after hearing 10 days of evidence and testimony.

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