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Prototypes Of Flying Cars are Starting to Take Off


Science fiction is one step closer to reality as several companies debut working prototypes for flying cars.

The American start-up Aska showed off its A5 model at the 2023 Consumer Electronics show. The A-5 is an electric vertical take off and landing vehicle, roughly the size of a standard SUV, that is reportedly capable of driving at 70 mph on the road and flying at speeds of up to 150 mph.

“What we see here is a revolution that happens once in a hundred years.” Guy Kaplinsky, Co-Founder and CEO of Aska, said during the presentation “People were dreaming about flying cars for years … what you see here is a drivable vehicle, and vertical takeoff and conventional takeoff, that can drive on the road and take off very quickly.”

Flying cars have fascinated the public for decades — “The Jetsons” helped popularize the concept back in 1962, but the idea is almost as old as the airplane itself, possibly older. One of the first attempts was made by Gustave Whitehead around 1901, before the Wright brothers’ breakthrough with the first controlled flight in 1903. Whitehead’s machine didn’t work, but by 1937 the Arrowbile had been created — the W-5 model could remove its wing and function as a car, but only 5…

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