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President Biden's State of the Union report card: Ratings from former speechwriters are in


Former top speechwriters rated President Biden on the content and delivery of his second State of the Union address, giving out grades ranging from a sterling “A” grade to nearly-failing “D.”

Biden’s speech focused on his administration’s economic plans, touting his signature infrastructure bill and job growth. He also claimed to want to restore unity and work with Congress in a bipartisan manner. However, Republicans took issue with several parts of his speech, most notably the claim that some Republicans aimed to cut Medicare and Social Security programs.

Hanging over Biden’s speech was the recent shooting down of a Chinese spy balloon a few days ago, which has further complicated the already-tense relationship between the U.S. and China.

According to experts, Biden made a good faith effort at promoting bipartisanship, but did not confront the China threat as aggressively as he should have. Many agreed that his speech was a test run for his expected 2024 presidential announcement, but felt sluggish and boring at points.


David Wilezol, former chief speechwriter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and president of the ghostwriting firm Seventh Floor Strategies, gave…

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