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Panera Bread Set to Return to Public Market


Panera Bread Set to Return to Public Market

< img srcset=" https://images.wsj.net/im-431162?width=540&size=1.5 540w, https://images.wsj.net/im-431162?width=620&size=1.5 620w, https://images.wsj.net/im-431162?width=639&size=1.5 639w, https://images.wsj.net/im-431162?width=860&size=1.5 860w, https://images.wsj.net/im-431162?width=860&size=1.5&pixel_ratio=1.5 1290w, https://images.wsj.net/im-431162?width=860&size=1.5&pixel_ratio=2 1720w, https://images.wsj.net/im-431162?width=860&size=1.5&pixel_ratio=3 2580w "src=" https://images.wsj.net/im-431162?width=860&height=573" layout=" responsive "placeholder height=" 573" width= "860" alt > JAB bought Panera Bread in 2017 and in August integrated it with Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bros. under one unit.

Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Published at Tue, 09 Nov 2021 12:00:00 +0000


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