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Mizkif makes a long apology for recent drama with Ice Poseidon


Twitch streamer Mizkif has issued an apology after all the drama that transpired between him and other creators. The star also announced he will be stepping away from One True King, the organisation he co-founded.

It has been a rather chaotic couple of weeks on Twitch. From the drama around QT Cinderella’s S**t Camp and xQc and Adept’s messy post-breakup conversation being streamed live to ItsSliker opening up about his gambling addiction, a lot has happened.

Bringing it all to a tipping point, streamer Ice Poseidon and Mizkif were involved in a drama of their own, which led to fans slamming the latter.

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The drama with Mizkif and other creators

Miz was recently involved in a Twitter spat with fellow creator Trainwreck over ItsSliker’s recent confession that he’s addicted to gambling.

On September 18th, ItsSliker posted an apology video, admitting to borrowing money from friends and using fan donations for gambling.

Many streamers reacted to his confession, with Asmongold demanding he must be banned. An argument on the topic broke out on Twitter between the streamer and Trainwreck.

Dexerto reports that Miz suddenly got involved in the conversation and brought up Trainwreck’s involvement with cryptocurrency, Jolt Coin, in the past.

Trainwreck immediately fired back, bringing up Miz and Adrianah Lee’s 2021 drama involving CrazySlick.

Ice Poseidon then joined the drama by tweeting out a picture of alleged text exchanges between him and Miz from 2018, which shows the latter using racial and homophobic slurs.

Miz received a ton of backlash online and he has now apologised.

Mizkif issues apology after recent drama

Miz issued a lengthy apology on Twitlonger following his drama with Ice Poseidon and others on social media.

He first updated his fans that his friend and fellow streamer, CrazySlick, had been found and is doing fine now. CrazySlick had apparently gone missing and sent “farewell” messages to friends, as per Mizkif, notes Dexerto.

Miz then apologized to Twitch star Adrianah Lee for some of his comments in the past.

The Twitch star then addressed the ‘private text messages from 2018’ that caused a lot of backlash online.

He wrote in his statement: “A series of private messages from 2018 have been posted where I said some reprehensible things. I’ve been open about my past many times on stream and will address it again here: I was a dumb, edgy guy who said a lot of stupid things to my friends to try and come off as funny and cool.

“I can’t change what I’ve said, but I can change who I am and how I conduct myself. I’m proud of how much I’ve grown these past 4 years, but I know that there is always room to improve. I am sorry to everyone affected by this situation. I made bad judgement calls based on what I was led to believe, and I deeply regret it.”

Miz then apologised to everyone associated with his organization, OTK. He revealed that he “will be taking a leave of absence and stepping away from organizational duties”

You can read Miz’s entire apology here.

Mizkif is one of Twitch’s biggest creators

Miz, whose real name is Matthew Rinaudo, has over 2.1 million followers on Twitch, where he often streams games and is seen hanging out and chatting with friends.

The star has over 258,000 followers on Instagram and over 900,000 subscribers on YouTube.

A New Jersey native, Miz began streaming in 2016 and became wildly popular after serving as a cameraman for Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino.

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Crossfire | Trailer | BBC






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