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Membership Monthly – November 2022


Updates from the NGA Membership Team for November 2022. For more about the programs below and a list of upcoming events please email us at: membership@nga.org.

Seminar for New Governors & Transition Resources

NGA Hosts Seminar for New Governors, Provides Transition Resources

NGA will welcome a class of new Governors at the 2022 Seminar for New Governors (SNG). SNG is scheduled to be held in Charleston, South Carolina, from November 17-19. 

SNG is the first opportunity for Governors-elect and First Spouses to get to know their colleagues. The seminar also provides Governors-elect and First Spouses with essential information to establish a smooth transition and maximize the success of the initial months in office. Topics of discussion include, but are not limited to: developing the executive budget, hiring the best and the brightest cabinet officials and senior staff members, shaping a vision for the administration and strategic scheduling, communications and legislative relations.

ABOVE: A previous Seminar for New Governors convening.

Gubernatorial Elections Resource

NGA Gubernatorial Elections Webpage

NGA maintains an informational webpage providing facts about the 2022 gubernatorial…

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