JVC launches OLED TV with PS5-ready features, but don’t get too excited…


    JVC launches OLED TV with PS5-ready features, but don’t get too excited…

    The latest company to join the battle to be the best OLED TV is JVC – it’s announced new 55-inch and 65-inch OLED sets with some great specs considering the brand is better known for more budget TV options these days. But the new JVC VO9100 OLED TVs will include Dolby Vision HDR, plus HDMI 2.1 with Auto Low Latency Mode and 4K 120Hz support – the last of those is great news if you want a TV to go with your PS5 or Xbox Series X, both of which support 4K 120fps gaming.

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    And given JVC’s recent history of making wallet-friendly TVs, these features could come at a lower price than some of the competition, though the office price hasn’t been confirmed yet – the TVs are set to go on-sale by the end of November, according to FlatPanelsHD. 

    So what’s the downside? Well, at the moment, they’re only going on-sale in Europe, and that initial roll-out will exclude the UK, Nordics and France. So no English regions in the immediate future.

    At least part of this is down to the nature of JVC’s TV business these days: in Europe, JVC TVs are made by Vestel, a huge electronics manufacturer based in Turkey that also makes TVs for brands including Sharp and Toshiba. But Vestel doesn’t have the worldwide licence for the JVC name, so it can’t release this TV under the JVC name everywhere, necessarily.

    The delay in some of these countries might also be down to getting the right smart TV platform in – such as enabling Freeview Play in the UK.

    There are lots of unknowns about the TV still, including the image processing, and quite what to expect from the Linux-based software, but if the price is right, this could be a real tempted for those who want a strong gaming TV option on a budget. It’ll have to beat the LG B1, though, which offers even more gaming features and has top-tier smart TV software.

    For great-value OLED sets that are definitely available in the US and UK, keep your eye on our Black Friday OLED TV deals guide, with the latest prices on more budget options as well as the elite TVs.

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