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Jose Delgado and the Internet of Things


Jose Delgado and the Internet of Things

IOT stands for the Internet of Things: the concept that the entire world will be controllable from satellites in space. Homes, cars, TVs, appliances, entire cities will be accessible with pushbutton convenience. But if humans, too, are plugged into this system, how will that affect Man’s identity . . . his “I.D.” so to speak? Putting the “I.D.” into “I.O.T.,” the technocrats are banking on the average citizen being an “I.D.I.O.T.” They don’t want you to know about Dr. Jose Delgado who pioneered brain implants which could be used to hijack a human’s neurological system, thus making him susceptible to remote control. And they don’t want you to know how far the technology has advanced over the last seventy years. Or that it can be used by satellites in space as they interact with humans on the Earth below.

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