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James Carville says Republican congresswoman 'dresses like white trash'


During an appearance on MSNBC, James Carville said that there is a “staggering” amount of “white trashdom” in the GOP, and that Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia “dresses like white trash.”

Disgruntled lawmakers heckled President Joe Biden during parts of his State of the Union address on Tuesday, including when the president said that some Republicans would like Medicare and Social Security to “sunset.” After Biden’s remark, a chorus of disapproving lawmakers erupted. Greene yelled, “Liar.”

Greene’s outfit at the State of the Union was meant to evoke the idea of the Chinese spy balloon that the U.S. downed last week. The Hill reported that a spokesperson indicated the lawmaker “wore her outfit to highlight something President Biden refused to address in his speech, the white Chinese spy balloon.”

“Biden refused to mention it, just like he refused to stop the intelligence gathering operation that traversed the United States and…

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