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ICE Deportations Show Peril From Illegal-alien Sex Fiends, Murderers, Dope Dealers


ICE Deportations Show Peril From Illegal-alien Sex Fiends, Murderers, Dope Dealers

ICE Deportations Show Peril From Illegal-alien Sex Fiends, Murderers, Dope Dealers
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U.S. border agents apprehended at least 18 illegal-alien sex criminals who jumped the border in March. And since October 2020, at least 613 illegals per day have been eluding agents and disappearing into the heartland. 

The two facts raise an obvious observation. Some of those “got-aways” are rapists and sex perverts, not to mention murderers, drug dealers, and thieves.

That leaves Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to track down and remove them. Four recent briefs from ICE show just what type of people the so-called got-aways are.

Murder Suspect Deported

On Monday, ICE booted a 30-year-old back to Mexico — where he belongs — to face homicide charges.

Reported ICE:

Ramirez Morales was unlawfully present in the United States and had previously been granted voluntary return to Mexico in October and November 2017, after entering without being admitted or inspected by an immigration officer. He was removed by ICE in December 2017, after illegally returning a third time.

On March 9, a Mexican court issued a warrant for Morales’s arrest in connection with the homicide. ICE cuffed him on March 17 in Santa Fe Springs, California.

So Morales is now a four-time deportee.

On March 23, ICE deported three sex fiends who were imprisoned in Washington state.

Manuel Alvarez-Vazquez / ICE photo

Manuel Alvarez-Vazquez, 56, is a child molester who was sentenced to six years, three months for his unspeakable crime. ICE grabbed him when he was freed from the Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen, Washington, on February 18.

Another estimable citizen from below the border is 49-year-old Margarito Gordian Cruz. A court in Yakima County had convicted him of child molestation, raping a child, and sex abuse and sentenced him to almost 10 years in prison. ICE apprehended him the same day.

Margarito Gordian Cruz / ICE photo

Child rapist Alredo Maldonado-Maldonado is 29. A court in Snohomish County had convicted him of rape and sentenced him to less than two years in prison. ICE bagged the Mexican molester when authorities freed him from the Washington State Department of Correction in Shelton on February 19.

Alredo Maldonado-Maldonado / ICE photo

The sex fiends “came to the attention” of ICE, the agency reported, because of their criminal convictions. ICE did not say the state notified agents so they could arrest and deport them.

Washington is one of the notorious sanctuary states that shield illegals from deportation and permits them to continue raping, assaulting, and murdering Americans.

King County is a particularly notable case that shows the peril from illegal-alien thugs and their accomplices who pass sanctuary laws. In 2019, the county ignored four immigration detainers on an illegal-alien murderer, three of them after he committed the crime.

Another sanctuary outrage in Washington occurred when an illegal Mexican raped a woman, landed in jail for it, then raped the same woman again when he was released.

Notorious Molester

On March 23, ICE deported yet another Mexican molester. He had convictions for three first-degree sex crimes, the agency reported.

In 2015, a court in Wasco County, Oregon, convicted Juan Manuel Enriquez-Martinez, 40, of “attempting to commit sexual penetration and for attempting to commit sexual abuse in the first degree for which respective sentences of 56 months and 14 months confinement were imposed.”

ICE removes child molester with multiple convictions from Washington state to Mexico
Juan Manuel Enriquez-Martinez / ICE photo

But one conviction didn’t do the trick:

On Jan. 19, 2016, Enriquez-Martinez was convicted in the Klickitat County Superior Court for the State of Washington of child molestation in the first degree for which a sentence of 68 months of confinement was imposed.

And again, the molester only “came to the attention” of ICE because of his convictions.

Oregon is another of the leftist sanctuaries that aid and abet the escape and crimes of illegals. In June 2019, as Fox News reported, Martin Gallo-Gallardo, an illegal Mexican, was in jail for domestic violence. When his wife and daughter stopped cooperating with authorities, they ignored a detainer from ICE and released him. He murdered his wife and threw her in a ditch.

Haitians in Boston

In Boston, ICE agents caught one of the agency’s Top 10 Most Wanted fugitives, yet another arrest carried out after local authorities ignored an immigration detainer.

Grandoit, Friendy ICE

On March 19, ICE reported, it collared illegal Haitian Friendly Grandoit, 42, on charges of re-entering the country after being deported.

But that wasn’t Grandoit’s only crime. In 2006, he was convicted of drug trafficking and deported home in 2008.

Sometime afterward, he jumped the border again, and in 2019, was charged in Woburn, Massachusetts, with distributing cocaine, identity fraud, and operating on a suspended license. After he posted bail in April last year, authorities in sanctuary Massachusetts ignored a detainer and released him.

Officials in Massachusetts go the extra mile to help illegals:

Two years ago, a judge and a court officer were charged with helping a twice-deported illegal alien escape their courthouse when an ICE agent showed up to arrest him.

The pair awaits trial on charges of conspiracy and obstruction.

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