Home Entertainment ICC Releases Male and female Mascots for Cricket World Cup 2023

ICC Releases Male and female Mascots for Cricket World Cup 2023

ICC Releases Male and female Mascots for Cricket World Cup 2023

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has enthusiastically introduced a captivating pair of brand mascots for the upcoming World Cups. These mascots, unveiled at an event in Gurugram, India, in the presence of U19 World Cup Champions’ captains Yash Dhull and Shafali Verma, embody the unity and spirit that cricket promotes worldwide. Representing gender equality and diversity, the mascots, a male and a female, originate from a distant cricket paradise called the Crictoverse.

Notably: The male and female mascots from the Crictoverse symbolize unique traits that stand for gender equality and diversity. The ICC has also launched a naming competition for the mascots, allowing fans to leave their mark on the World Cup until August 27.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Female Mascot 

The female character possesses a turbo-powered arm that hurls fireballs at incredible speeds. Her remarkable precision astonishes even the most daring batters. With unmatched reflexes, fierce flexibility, and unwavering determination, she embodies an exceptional fast bowling prowess. Wearing a belt adorned with six cricket orbs, each strategically prepared for game-changing tactics, she stands ready to make an impact.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Male Mascot 

The male character emanates a captivating blend of icy coolness and explosive batting skills. Every shot he takes, whether it’s a cunning finesse or a powerful six, carries an electrifying force that captivates audiences. His electromagnetic bat and versatile array of shots amplify the excitement, igniting the field and thrilling the crowd with each stroke.

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