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Hertz Orders 100,000 Teslas


Hertz Orders 100,000 Teslas

< img srcset=" https://images.wsj.net/im-422852?width=540&size=1.5 540w, https://images.wsj.net/im-422852?width=620&size=1.5 620w, https://images.wsj.net/im-422852?width=639&size=1.5 639w, https://images.wsj.net/im-422852?width=860&size=1.5 860w, https://images.wsj.net/im-422852?width=860&size=1.5&pixel_ratio=1.5 1290w, https://images.wsj.net/im-422852?width=860&size=1.5&pixel_ratio=2 1720w, https://images.wsj.net/im-422852?width=860&size=1.5&pixel_ratio=3 2580w" src=" https://images.wsj.net/im-422852?width=860&height=573 "design= "responsive" placeholder height=" 573" width =" 860" alt > Hertz stated that, beginning in early November and expanding through completion of the year, customers will have the ability to rent a Tesla Design 3 at airports and other locations in significant U.S. markets and some cities in Europe.

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Published at Mon, 25 Oct 2021 13:14:00 +0000

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