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The NGA Center for Best Practices works with states and territories to strengthen their healthcare workforce with the goals of improving health outcomes and reducing costs, generating high quality data, and fostering an accessible, flexible and skilled healthcare workforce. A competent workforce is critical to ensuring that care improves the health of residents and is safe, high quality, available and affordable across a state or territory. The NGA Center works with states and territories to plan for and build a workforce that can meet the needs of a transformed health care system and increase economic activity. This work involves providing technical assistance around key workforce priority areas, including:

  • Health care workforce planning and redesign
  • Identifying strategies to better collect and analyze data to inform and evaluate policy
  • Aligning education and training outcomes with population health needs
  • Building workforce capacity in rural and underserved areas through training, recruitment, retention and technology
  • Aligning licensure and regulation with healthcare workforce goals
  • Identifying mechanisms and implementing state policies to allow providers to practice at the top of their license


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