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Global decarbonization: Industrial opportunities for Africa

Global decarbonization: Industrial opportunities for Africa

By Izzy Taylor

Decarbonization at a global level is happening and will be stepped up as the impacts of climate and weather extremes threaten social and economic systems worldwide. Already, we are seeing the deployment of huge quantities of renewable energy in advanced economies, and investments earmarked to make green energy transitions feasible. Countries that lag behind in low carbon technological innovations stand to lose, both in terms of the health and social co-benefits that come with the deployment of clean infrastructure, as well as the economic co-benefits that come from manufacturing the technologies of the future. Africa needs to pay close attention to the opportunities that lie.

As the world pursues low emissions ambitions, the demand for critical minerals including lithium, cobalt, and nickel will increase six-fold by 2040. Africa holds considerable resources vital to a clean energy future, which includes commodities essential in renewable energy generation technologies and battery-associated materials. This presents transformative potential for Africa’s economic growth, employment, welfare, and wider sustainable development. For example, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is known to have 50-70…

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