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Final trove of 'salacious' court documents revealing Jeffrey Epstein's associates to be made public: Report


The final trove of court documents related to the Jeffrey Epstein case will soon be released to the public, according to a new report. The documents will allegedly name the convicted pedophile’s associates and reveal “salacious” allegations.

The Daily Mail reported, “The final batch of court documents containing ‘salacious’ allegations related to 167 of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, victims, and employees, will finally be unsealed – nearly four years after the disgraced financier’s death.”

There is at least one public figure in the list of Epstein associates, according to a declaration filed on Wednesday.

The court documents reportedly say that the “alleged perpetrators” are accused of “serious wrongdoing.” The docs will allegedly accuse law enforcement officers and prosecutors of misconduct related to Epstein’s crimes.

“The individual appears to have been involved in the charges brought against Epstein in 2007 under which he served just 15 months in jail for soliciting a minor for prostitution as part of a sweetheart deal with state prosecutors in Florida,” according to the Daily Mail.

The documents will reportedly be unsealed after dozens of John or Jane Does agreed to have their names made public.

The documents were…

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