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Far-left Philly mayor not happy that Columbus statue — covered by box since 2020 rioting — has been ordered uncovered by court


Jim Kenney, the far-left mayor of Philadelphia, is not happy that a city statue of Christopher Columbus — covered by a box since the height of 2020 rioting on the heels of George Floyd’s death — has been ordered uncovered by a court.

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled Friday that the plywood box that’s been covering the statue at Marconi Plaza in south Philly since June 2020 must be removed, PhillyVoice said.

What’s the background?

City officials had the monument covered after an armed group protecting the statue threw down with another group demanding its removal, the outlet said.

Indeed, about 100 people guarded the statue from potential vandalism on June 13-14, 2020 — and wielded bats, golf clubs, sticks, and guns to convince those who might hold opposite opinions to stay away.

During the prior week, protesters across America beheaded, toppled, and vandalized statues and monuments in their fury over Floyd’s death. Meanwhile Philly leftists ignorantly vandalized the statue of Matthias Baldwin — an abolitionist — outside City Hall, spray-painting “murderer” and “colonizer” on its pedestal.

At the time, Kenney indirectly referred to the behavior of those guarding the Columbus statue as “

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