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EXCLUSIVE – Is a War with China Almost Certain?


In this next part of our exclusive special series with Michael Sekora, founder and director of the Socrates Project within the Reagan White House, we tackle the question: is a hot war with China inevitable? And if so, is the United States ready for it?
Sekora noted: “The reality is, if you look at the U.S., we are not prepared to go for a hot war. If you look at, in terms of the Navy, there’s a significant number of ships which are not battlefield ready. Okay, if we look

at the Air Force, the Air Force is cannibalizing some of the older platforms to keep the new platforms up in the air and battle ready. If we look at the Marine Corps, which we’ve worked with, they say that they basically have to wait to see what China is going to do and hope like hell they can figure out how to fix it before it goes hot with them.”…

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