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DeSantis exposes Newsom's plan to replace Biden

DeSantis exposes Newsom's plan to replace Biden

While most Republican voters are prepping for Joe Biden to be the Democratic nominee for 2024, Ron DeSantis believes they might need to think again.

“A lot of people are saying maybe plan B is Gavin Newsom,” a Fox News anchor said to DeSantis.

“He is running a shadow campaign,” DeSantis agrees.

“Even people in his own party are saying that a lot of Democrats want to move Biden out. And so, you know, you could have Harris, you could have Newsom, you could have a lot of different people.”

“I think it’s important that Republican voters get the sense that we may not be running against Biden,” he adds.

Dave Rubin thinks right now is a more important time than ever to heed DeSantis’ warning.

“We are all going to sit down at a table tomorrow with family and friends and newcomers and everything else, and politics, you know, it just sits there these days,” Rubin explains.

“You’re going to sit there with people that are going to tell you Joe Biden’s just fine. They’re going to tell you the Democrats are great,” he continues.

“You should just be able to cleanly talk to people and tell them the truth — and DeSantis is consistently good at that.”

For anyone who is concerned…

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